get_comment_author_email_link ( $link_text = '', $before = '', $after = '', $comment = null )

  • (string) link_text Optional. Text to display instead of the comment author's email address. Default empty.
  • (string) before Optional. Text or HTML to display before the email link. Default empty.
  • (string) after Optional. Text or HTML to display after the email link. Default empty.
  • (int|WP_Comment) comment Optional. Comment ID or WP_Comment object. Default is the current comment.
  • (string) HTML markup for the comment author email link. By default, the email address is obfuscated via the {@see 'comment_email'} filter with antispambot().
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Returns the HTML email link to the author of the current comment.Care should be taken to protect the email address and assure that email harvesters do not capture your commenter's email address. Most assume that their email address will not appear in raw form on the site. Doing so will enable anyone, including those that people don't want to get the email address and use it for their own means good and bad.

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