current_time ( $type, $gmt = 0 )

  • (string) type Type of time to retrieve. Accepts 'mysql', 'timestamp', or PHP date format string (e.g. 'Y-m-d').
  • (int|bool) gmt Optional. Whether to use GMT timezone. Default false.
  • (int|string) Integer if $type is 'timestamp', string otherwise.
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Retrieves the current time based on specified type.The 'mysql' type will return the time in the format for MySQL DATETIME field. The 'timestamp' type will return the current timestamp or a sum of timestamp and timezone offset, depending on `$gmt`. Other strings will be interpreted as PHP date formats (e.g. 'Y-m-d'). If $gmt is set to either '1' or 'true', then both types will use GMT time. if $gmt is false, the output is adjusted with the GMT offset in the WordPress option.

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