block_core_page_list_render_nested_page_list ( $open_submenus_on_click, $show_submenu_icons, $is_navigation_child, $nested_pages, $is_nested, $active_page_ancestor_ids = array(), $colors = array(), $depth = 0 )

  • (bool) open_submenus_on_click Whether to open submenus on click instead of hover.
  • (bool) show_submenu_icons Whether to show submenu indicator icons.
  • (bool) is_navigation_child If block is a child of Navigation block.
  • (array) nested_pages The array of nested pages.
  • (bool) is_nested Whether the submenu is nested or not.
  • (array) active_page_ancestor_ids An array of ancestor ids for active page.
  • (array) colors Color information for overlay styles.
  • (int) depth The nesting depth.
  • (string) List markup.
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Outputs Page list markup from an array of pages with nested children.

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