_wp_keep_alive_customize_changeset_dependent_auto_drafts ( $new_status, $old_status, $post )

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  • (string) new_status Transition to this post status.
  • (string) old_status Previous post status.
  • (WP_Post) post Post data.
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Makes sure that auto-draft posts get their post_date bumped or status changed to draft to prevent premature garbage-collection.When a changeset is updated but remains an auto-draft, ensure the post_date for the auto-draft posts remains the same so that it will be garbage-collected at the same time by `wp_delete_auto_drafts()`. Otherwise, if the changeset is updated to be a draft then update the posts to have a far-future post_date so that they will never be garbage collected unless the changeset post itself is deleted. When a changeset is updated to be a persistent draft or to be scheduled for publishing, then transition any dependent auto-drafts to a draft status so that they likewise will not be garbage-collected but also so that they can be edited in the admin before publishing since there is not yet a post/page editing flow in the Customizer. See #39752.

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