_split_shared_term ( $term_id, $term_taxonomy_id, $record = true )

  • (int|object) $term_id ID of the shared term, or the shared term object.
  • (int|object) $term_taxonomy_id ID of the term_taxonomy item to receive a new term, or the term_taxonomy object (corresponding to a row from the term_taxonomy table).
  • (bool) $record Whether to record data about the split term in the options table. The recording process has the potential to be resource-intensive, so during batch operations it can be beneficial to skip inline recording and do it just once, after the batch is processed. Only set this to `false` if you know what you are doing. Default: true.
  • (int|WP_Error) When the current term does not need to be split (or cannot be split on the current database schema), `$term_id` is returned. When the term is successfully split, the new term_id is returned. A WP_Error is returned for miscellaneous errors.
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Create a new term for a term_taxonomy item that currently shares its term with another term_taxonomy.

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