_get_term_children ( $term_id, $terms, $taxonomy, $ancestors = array() )

  • private
  • (int) term_id The ancestor term: all returned terms should be descendants of `$term_id`.
  • (array) terms The set of terms - either an array of term objects or term IDs - from which those that are descendants of $term_id will be chosen.
  • (string) taxonomy The taxonomy which determines the hierarchy of the terms.
  • (array) ancestors Optional. Term ancestors that have already been identified. Passed by reference, to keep track of found terms when recursing the hierarchy. The array of located ancestors is used to prevent infinite recursion loops. For performance, `term_ids` are used as array keys, with 1 as value. Default empty array.
  • (array|WP_Error) The subset of $terms that are descendants of $term_id.
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Gets the subset of $terms that are descendants of $term_id.If `$terms` is an array of objects, then _get_term_children() returns an array of objects. If `$terms` is an array of IDs, then _get_term_children() returns an array of IDs.

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